Wednesday, 27 July 2011

UK Business Secretary Vince Cable Speaks at UKTI Business Summit

UK Business Secretary Vince Cable adressed the importance for investment into the UK by foreigners in helping the UK economy.

He announced that almost 95,000 jobs were created or safeguarded in the UK in 2010/11, he went on to emphasize that this is a good indicator that foreign companies in the UK are sticking around and more than that they are succeeding and anticipating a positive and lucrative future for the UK economy.

The last few years and last year in particular were very tough around the world including the UK but the figures displayed do show some signs that the UK did attract a fair amount of inward investment from foreigners.

The UKTI is the body that deals with Trade and Investment for the UK, and supports foreign businesses coming to the UK and has been heavily focused in preparing the UK for foreign investment.

UK Trade and Investment Lord Green Talks about foreign Investment

UKTI video emphasizing the need for foreign investment into the UK and the jobs required by the UK govt in strengthening the infrastructure in the UK.

Mayor of London on London 2012 - Video Update

Boris Johnson gives an update on the Olympics due in London in 2012.

UK Energy Envoy Visits the USA

UK Foreign Office Video of British Climate and Security Envoy talking in Chicago about his two day visit to discuss national security threats to both the UK and the USA posed by today's current reliance on fossil fuels. Rear Admiral Neil Morisetti met with business leaders, politicians and civic leaders.

UK Foreign Office Video in which UK Foreign Secretary William Hague discusses why the Horn of Africa is important to the UK.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

UK Govt Announces Exceptional Talented Migrants Visa Tier1 Quotas

Following the changes to the UK Immigration System and the closure of many of the previously popular UK Working Visa Options (Like Tier 1 General), today the UKBA announced that on the 9th August 2011 the New Tier 1 (exceptional talent) category will open.

This new type of UK Tier 1 Visa is designed to attract to the UK seriously talented leaders in the fields of


The UKBA confirmed that they will be issuing up to 1000 Tier 1 (Exceptionally Talented) in the first year.

They also confirmed that this new UK Visa route will be overseen by internationally recognized bodies that will be advising the UKBA and attempting to ensure that only the most talented individuals get issued with this kind of visa.

The Royal academy of engineering will get up to 200 places to issue

The British Academy will be able to nominate up to 200 places in the fields of social science and humanities

Arts Council England will get the opportunity to give up to 300 spaces

Royal Society will be able to nominate up to 300 spots in the fields of Science

It looks as if Migrants looking to enter the UK on a Tier 1 (exceptionally talented) will not necessarily have to be employed but a recommendation from one of the above groups is essential in order to receive the visa approval.

Any Tier 1 (Exceptionally Talented) approved applicant should initially receive 3 yrs and 4 months validity on their visa and should be able to extend their stay under the visa for a further 2 yrs and then settlement could be available after 5 yrs.

This visa is not major news for majority of the population as the requirements will surely be at a very high level but for that small percentage that do qualify it seems to be a really good route.

Every day lately I am experiencing affects of the changes to the Immigration System and the tightening of not just the visa rules and permissions but also on the process and the knock on affect it is having with many applicants being refused visas lately.

In fact now since 4th July 2011 there has been even more drastic changes to the Tier 4 visa for the UK and one of my clients learnt that he may not be able to work at all during his studies as his college is not considered a Higher Learning Institute but rather a private college.

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Saturday, 16 July 2011

UK Govt Launches Family Visa Consultation

Following the post on the proposed changes to the Settlement/Family/Dependent Visa set to come into force soon, the UKBA has announced they intend on the following changes:

They will be looking at curbing sham marriages by defining more clearly what (to them) constitutes a real marriage

A major new plan is to set up a minimum income threshold that UK Sponsors will need to earn or demonstrate in order to support the new migrants in the UK and help with integration into life in the UK.

Changing the period that a migrant (on the basis of marriage) needs to spend in the UK before they can apply for settlement from 2 to 5 years.

English level needed to demonstrate when they apply for settlement is set to be changed to B1

Working with local organisations to try curb abuse of vulnerable people forced into sham marriages

Reviewing the appeal process for family visitor visas

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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Settlement-Family Visas due to change

I read an article on the Telegraph web-site that confirmed that there will be some major changes to UK Settlement and Family Applications. The changes mentioned in the article are extending the period of time needed to claim settlement from 2 years to 5 years.

The changes are another step that the authorities are attempting to reduce the numbers of migrants entering the UK and also their aim is to limit the abuse of this particular Visa as they claim that there have been many sham marriages in the past few years. If a couple needs to remain together for 5 years before the migrant can claim settlement rather than the 2 years currently then the idea is that this would curb abuse.

The article also confirmed that the consultation will look at Article 8, right to family life with a view to assessing how this should be decoded.

I have not found any published articles or news about this on the UKBA website or other web resources but as soon as I locate any confirmation on the details I will post accordingly.

UK Ticket Holder Wins Euromillions Record 161 Million Pounds

An unidentified (as yet) British Euromillions Lottery ticket holder stands to become the 430th richest person in the UK. There were another two UK-based lottery winners who each won 1,7 million when they matched 5 numbers and the bonus lucky star.

The national lottery officials did verify that this winning jackpot amount was the biggest yet in the UK and in Europe with the previous record being 113 Million pounds won the previous year in October.

UK Gas Prices set to rise in August

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

new changes to to UKBA Website due soon

There are changes due to the UKBA website which are set to commence from 18 July 2011. The idea here being that the UK govt intends to have one integrated web-site for UK Visa applicants from all over the world.

Currently if you are looking to enter the UK on any kind of Visa, there are different processes for some countries and the information available is spread across a confusing network of embassy and partner websites.

If you are already in the UK on a visa then there different processes from those entering the UK for the first time and these changes aim to consolidate and improve the information available for both types of applicants.

These changes are welcome albeit very late in my opinion.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

UK Tier 4 Student Visa Update-New Tier 4 Application Forms

There are new Tier 4 UK Student Visa Application Forms Available for all people looking to apply for a UK Student Visa in the coming days. weeks or months.

The UKBA will still accept TIER 4 UK STUDENT VISA APPLICATIONS on the previous application form up until and including 24 July 2011, however the rules for applying for a TIER 4 VISA must be up to date and include all the latest relevant supporting evidence.

As with all UK VISA APPLICATIONS lately it is vital to submit the necessary application form together with various supporting evidence. The supporting evidence should cover any areas of the Visa application that may need further clarification and I use a general rule that is to make each UK VISA Application package as thorough and as easy to understand as possible.

At least One copy of each type of document should always be made, in fact I suggest keeping all papers submitted on hard copy and on file electronically,just to be secure that in the event of any lost document at least you have the back up copy.

Depending on where you are located will greatly affect the way in which you submit any UK Visa application for example if you are applying for an initial or extension application.

For all forms and guidance notes you should double check to confirm that you are using the latest valid UK visa application form

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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Feedback on UK Immigration Cap- Risky for UK Businesses

A group of MP's from across all parties have warned that the Home Office policies to reduce the number of migrants entering the UK hold a significant risk to UK Businesses at the most crucial time when skilled workers are needed. The global need for skills and growing competition for skilled labour is increasing,the group of MP's commented that the limit of non EU workers in the UK potentially could do more damage in the long run economically for the UK.

The general idea to limit the number of foreign workers and the introduction of the UK Immigration Cap was also used as a political tool too to generate confidence in UK Voters.

The group made special note that the UK should appear open for business at this crucial time. instead of scaring off investment or development because of lengthy, confusing and difficult bureaucratic processes.

Many multinational companies raised concerns that the policies for the Tier 2 Sponsor were not clear and also that they feared to be refused after spending money for the process.

In fact it was also reported that many UK Businesses were reporting skills shortages at a time when UK unemployment is high.

A prominent UK economist claimed that the skills threshold was a further barrier to non EU Migrants which excludes certain professions entirely from applying to work in the UK under either a skilled or less skilled position.

Another major issue raised by large companies based in the UK was the lack of confidence in applying for urgently needed skilled staff in the event financial situation improves and for certain industries that could improve more quickly than others how quickly they could react to skilled staff requirements from outside the UK and EU.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Tier 4 UK Student Visa Changes come into effect today

4 July 2011
Today further changes to the UK Tier 4 Student Visa come into affect.

I published the changes in details and some views on how these will affect international students looking to study in the UK.

We will have to wait and see how these changes practically affect the visa submission procedure and visa decisions.