Wednesday, 29 June 2011

New UK Student Visa-Tier 4 Update

I was busy reading through the newly published document regarding UK Tier 4 Study Visa NEW POLICIES. Once again the UKBA have done a good job at making the Tier 4 Visa Process more confusing.

1st off the document starts with a weak attempt at describing the new arrangements for "low-risk" applicants. A Tier 4 applicant willbe considered to be a Student sponsored by a Highly Trusted Education Sponsor, is applying for entry clearance in his/her country of nationality and who is a national of:

Honk Kong
New Zealand
South Korea
Trinidad and Tobago

The UKBA may approve Tier 4 applications from these nationalities without certain documentation, however they go on to say that all Tier 4 Applicants should hand in all supporting evidence with their Student Applications. So whats the point in this really.

In my opinion its just a way to make it seem as if they are at least trying to alleviate the current situation around UK visas and Immigration

The rest of the document is just as confusing and can be seen HERE

I am also concerned about the maintenance section that now seems more involved.

These rules are set to come in on the 4th July 2011 and this morning I have just returned from a meeting with the UK embassy and the embassy employers confirmed that they still have not received any indication on how to deal with new applications.

What they did confirm is that they have recently received more UK Visa refusals than ever before and many of the refusals were due to maintenance requirements.

I always suggest that any potential student looking to make an application uses a professional service especially lately however even now with certain types of applications I am starting to stop my service temporarily until I can confirm what will happen in the future.

For example yesterday I had to turn away a potential UK Business Visa where in previous years I would have gladly attempted to provide the best service. I just am not prepared to commence with any case where I do not feel more than confident that I can get approved.

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