Thursday, 29 September 2011

How to renew your British Passport: How to Video

Video on how to renew your UK Passport

UK Migration Update

UK Foreign Secretary|United Nations General Assembly

UK Foreign Office Video Footage: Foreign Secretary

UK Foreign Secretary talks about the largest attempt the UK Foreign Office is undergoing to improve the reach, ability and other useful diplomatic skills that the foreign office needs to reinforce their network around the world.

UK Visa and Immigration news:

There is a disruption to the UK Points Based System and the system will only be back online on the 1 October 2011, this may affect Tier 2 applications. Any Tier 2 or related applications should wait until the system is back online to proceed.

Monday, 26 September 2011

EU Finacial Crisis Video

UK Labour Govt Immigration Secrets Made Public

Reports that were kept from the public, show that immigrants that came from Bulgaria and Romania to the UK had low education levels and were making more out of work/unemployment benefits, in fact the figures suggest that as much as 15% of migrants from Bulgaria and Romania were making out of work benefit claims.

The Labour party has been accused of withholding this information, which
is contained in 5 reports, due to the party attempting to avoid any damage beofre the general election last year.

There are reports that say that there are even more damaging figures in the report that suggest according to findings, immigrants from all countries around the world are less likely to find work than UK natives and may participate less in civic duties.

Until 2008 the UK had pretty muh an "open door" policy which resulted in record numbers of UK Visas, UK work permits and other permissions being approved

The Govt then introduced a points system with a view to curb the numbers of foreign people entering the UK, making it considerebly harder to obtain a skilled visa for the UK.

The UK Govt did make some promises to 'manage' the flow of EU migrants into the UK but in truth the systems in place do not fully deliver on any level.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Carers of British Citizens Judgement Explanation

The Court of Justice of the EU recently confirmed the judgement on a case of Ruiz Zambrano.

The judgement basically allows the right of residence, for the carer of the Dependent UK citizen in the circumstance when the carer has no other claim to residence in the UK and the removal from the UK would mean that the UK citizen would need to leave the EU.

The UK Immigration authorities will now need to change the immigration regulations and enable a person in this situation to be issued with a document that allows them to stay in the UK on the basis of the Ruiz Zambrano judgement.

As a temporary measure the UKBA will issue a certificate of application to people that can show:

Proof that the dependent person is UK citizen
Proof of the dependency between the carer applicant and the UK citizen
sufficient documentary evidence of the relationship between the carer and the UK citizen

The certificate is intended to allow the applicant to stay in the UK until the application is decided.

Monday, 19 September 2011

UK Actor swims down River Thames for Charity

UK Chancellor George Osborne on Eurozone Crisis and International Response

In this short Video clip the UK chancellor Mr. George Osborne calls on Leaders in Europe and asks them to send more clear signals that they are dealing with the financial crisis:

Liberal Democrats Public Opinion Video

UK Marriage Visa Consultation Video

UK Marriage Visa and Settlement Changes are Due

The UK Immigration Minister, Damian Green has confirmed in a speech that the UK Govt is tackling the issue of UK marriage Visa and Settlement route. In the speech he stressed the importance of looking at abuse of the Marriage and Settlement Visa into the UK.

Currently there is a consultation on this issue and also on preventing these visa applications bypassing UK Immigration Laws which is possible at the moment.

Recent Reports Have Shown:

About 20% of UK Marriage Visa Sponsors were either unemployed or had an income below that of the national minimum wage.

37% of these sponsors were living with either other family or friends

In 2009 2,6 million pounds was spent on telephone translation services and 400,000 GBP on document translations

Two thirds of a sample of marriage visa applicants that were approved in 2009 had never visited the UK before making the permanent move.

The UK Govt is currently undertaking a consultation on assessing the changes that should take place:

there needs to be a more clear defined definition on what makes up a real marriage and help identify shame or fake marriages

introduce a new minimum income threshold for those sponsors in the UK looking to sponsor a family migrant

extension of the period from 2 to 5 years in order to apply for settlement, this too should help curb the abuse of the marriage visa and settlement routes

all marriage visa applicants under the age of 65 need to show that they have a basic understanding of everyday English.

Thursday, 1 September 2011


Following our recent posts on the National Lottery and different games that can be played, I thought it could be useful to post this video guide.

More Video Footage of National Lottery Proceeds being used to help Community

Heart-warming footage of UK National Lottery funds being put to good use in a community in Glascow:

We like to know that proceeds made from lottery games, bingo and Scratch Cards are being used in such a manner and helping in communities that really need it.

National Lottery Reports Increase in Numbers

The UK National Lottery has been running for many years.

Recently they have reported an increase in the numbers of people playing across the network of lottery based games.

It is interesting that in times of financial uncertainty throughout history increases in lottery, betting and gambling can be seen.

On their site they have a section that demonstrates some of the good causes that the lottery proceeds help with.

The video displays a children's therapy centre in Cardiff receiving a nice amount from funds from The National Lottery fund.

We also found a nice page with a history of UK Scratch Cards from the National Lottery. Their Online Scratch Cards history display page contains images of the different types of cards or scratch off's dating from 1995 when the first National Lottery Scratch Cards were printed.

UK Migration on the Rise Despite Govt Efforts

Migration to the UK is reported to have risen by 21% even though the UK Govt has taken the most dramatic measures to reduce the numbers overall. The rise has been attributed to an increase in the numbers of migrants arriving in the UK from Poland and other EU Countries. Many UK Employers and Businesses have had to turn more to EU Migrants to fill the skills gap shortage in the UK left after the immigration changes made recently.

Also another interesting fact that was found was that fewer people had left the UK, which opens a question on why?

The financial crisis across Europe has seen a rise in employment in many EU states meaning that many more migrants from European countries will try and seek employment in the UK.

The UK Coalition Govt has openly admitted to making the changes to the immigration with a view to reducing numbers and this has clearly not happened. One could argue that the measures taken have allowed for a situation where the different European Communities living in the UK will keep rising and still hinder the keeping of the UK Culture.

A good example here is when a EU Migrants partner is entering the UK there is no requirements for English level check as with non EU States currently.