Sunday, 10 July 2011

UK Tier 4 Student Visa Update-New Tier 4 Application Forms

There are new Tier 4 UK Student Visa Application Forms Available for all people looking to apply for a UK Student Visa in the coming days. weeks or months.

The UKBA will still accept TIER 4 UK STUDENT VISA APPLICATIONS on the previous application form up until and including 24 July 2011, however the rules for applying for a TIER 4 VISA must be up to date and include all the latest relevant supporting evidence.

As with all UK VISA APPLICATIONS lately it is vital to submit the necessary application form together with various supporting evidence. The supporting evidence should cover any areas of the Visa application that may need further clarification and I use a general rule that is to make each UK VISA Application package as thorough and as easy to understand as possible.

At least One copy of each type of document should always be made, in fact I suggest keeping all papers submitted on hard copy and on file electronically,just to be secure that in the event of any lost document at least you have the back up copy.

Depending on where you are located will greatly affect the way in which you submit any UK Visa application for example if you are applying for an initial or extension application.

For all forms and guidance notes you should double check to confirm that you are using the latest valid UK visa application form

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