Thursday, 7 July 2011

Feedback on UK Immigration Cap- Risky for UK Businesses

A group of MP's from across all parties have warned that the Home Office policies to reduce the number of migrants entering the UK hold a significant risk to UK Businesses at the most crucial time when skilled workers are needed. The global need for skills and growing competition for skilled labour is increasing,the group of MP's commented that the limit of non EU workers in the UK potentially could do more damage in the long run economically for the UK.

The general idea to limit the number of foreign workers and the introduction of the UK Immigration Cap was also used as a political tool too to generate confidence in UK Voters.

The group made special note that the UK should appear open for business at this crucial time. instead of scaring off investment or development because of lengthy, confusing and difficult bureaucratic processes.

Many multinational companies raised concerns that the policies for the Tier 2 Sponsor were not clear and also that they feared to be refused after spending money for the process.

In fact it was also reported that many UK Businesses were reporting skills shortages at a time when UK unemployment is high.

A prominent UK economist claimed that the skills threshold was a further barrier to non EU Migrants which excludes certain professions entirely from applying to work in the UK under either a skilled or less skilled position.

Another major issue raised by large companies based in the UK was the lack of confidence in applying for urgently needed skilled staff in the event financial situation improves and for certain industries that could improve more quickly than others how quickly they could react to skilled staff requirements from outside the UK and EU.

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