Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The UK National Lottery-Some News and Updates

The UK's National Lottery is the biggest lottery in the UK at the moment, it is more commonly known as the lotto. There are a number of different games that fall under the term National Lottery and remains an extremely popular method of easy gambling in the UK. All prizes won in the lottery are tax free and paid in one lump sum payment.

It is estimated that The National Lottery has created over 2500 millionaires which is a staggering figure.

Eligibility to play is as follows:

Lottery is not restricted to UK residents so any nationality can purchase a ticket
Players must be 16 years or older
Online ticket purchases are limited to people with UK bank accounts only, a UK residential address, and being physically present in the UK when purchasing the ticket
Lottery Tickets are not transferable
Commercial Syndicates are not permitted

Available Games


Where six numbers are randomly drawn from numbered balls from a machine, players would have chosen a sequence of numbers beforehand. A match of 3 or more numbers will receive a prize with obviously increasing value with the more matching numbers. There is always a bonus ball too which applies to people with matches of 5 numbers.

Lotto Hot Picks

Similar to Lotto and uses the same numbers and concept but the player chooses the numbers and the number of balls drawn. This game is more commonly known as five games in one.


Where a player chooses 5 numbers from 1-39 and 1 THUNDERBALL number from 1-14 . Prizes can be won by matching the regular numbers and the THUNDERBALL numbers.

Lotto Plus 5

This is a new game and is offered fills the gap in the alternate lotto draw days, Again matching 3,4,5 and 6 numbers with jackpot reaching 250,000 GBP.


This is a lottery with added lotteries from Austria,Switzerland, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Spain.

Scratchcard and Instant Wins

The National Lottery also sells scratchcards, these are small card like boards with an area on them that can be scratched off. Once scratched if the player has 3 matching symbols/numbers/pictures/amounts. At the moment the highest prize is about 100,000 GBP and tickets can be bought from many vendors and supermarkets across the UK. Online instant win games are available similar to online scratchcards and may involve things like dice or matching symbols/numbers/pictures/amounts. The prizes vary from game to game but like online scratch cards and regular scratch cards the player is made aware immediately of whether a prize has been won and what the prize amount is.

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