Sunday, 14 February 2010

Even tougher rules for foreign students in the UK

10 Feb 2010- Foreign Students looking to study in the UK will face tougher rules.

The new regulations will make sure that students studying at a level below degree level have a tougher time working in the UK and that any student dependent's cannot work at all. The intention behind these changes is to make it even harder for fake students to enter and work in the UK.

Main points:

-Students studying below degree level or foundation level will be able to work for 10 hours during term
-no dependent can join a student in the UK that is registered for a course less than six months
-dependents of a student that is registered on a course below degree level or foundation level will not be eligible for work in the UK and if caught will be removed
-allowing only the most trusted education providers to register foreign students for lower level courses (A levels etc)
-english levels will be needed to register for all courses in the UK and need to be assessed properly.