Thursday, 21 July 2011

UK Govt Announces Exceptional Talented Migrants Visa Tier1 Quotas

Following the changes to the UK Immigration System and the closure of many of the previously popular UK Working Visa Options (Like Tier 1 General), today the UKBA announced that on the 9th August 2011 the New Tier 1 (exceptional talent) category will open.

This new type of UK Tier 1 Visa is designed to attract to the UK seriously talented leaders in the fields of


The UKBA confirmed that they will be issuing up to 1000 Tier 1 (Exceptionally Talented) in the first year.

They also confirmed that this new UK Visa route will be overseen by internationally recognized bodies that will be advising the UKBA and attempting to ensure that only the most talented individuals get issued with this kind of visa.

The Royal academy of engineering will get up to 200 places to issue

The British Academy will be able to nominate up to 200 places in the fields of social science and humanities

Arts Council England will get the opportunity to give up to 300 spaces

Royal Society will be able to nominate up to 300 spots in the fields of Science

It looks as if Migrants looking to enter the UK on a Tier 1 (exceptionally talented) will not necessarily have to be employed but a recommendation from one of the above groups is essential in order to receive the visa approval.

Any Tier 1 (Exceptionally Talented) approved applicant should initially receive 3 yrs and 4 months validity on their visa and should be able to extend their stay under the visa for a further 2 yrs and then settlement could be available after 5 yrs.

This visa is not major news for majority of the population as the requirements will surely be at a very high level but for that small percentage that do qualify it seems to be a really good route.

Every day lately I am experiencing affects of the changes to the Immigration System and the tightening of not just the visa rules and permissions but also on the process and the knock on affect it is having with many applicants being refused visas lately.

In fact now since 4th July 2011 there has been even more drastic changes to the Tier 4 visa for the UK and one of my clients learnt that he may not be able to work at all during his studies as his college is not considered a Higher Learning Institute but rather a private college.

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