Saturday, 16 July 2011

UK Govt Launches Family Visa Consultation

Following the post on the proposed changes to the Settlement/Family/Dependent Visa set to come into force soon, the UKBA has announced they intend on the following changes:

They will be looking at curbing sham marriages by defining more clearly what (to them) constitutes a real marriage

A major new plan is to set up a minimum income threshold that UK Sponsors will need to earn or demonstrate in order to support the new migrants in the UK and help with integration into life in the UK.

Changing the period that a migrant (on the basis of marriage) needs to spend in the UK before they can apply for settlement from 2 to 5 years.

English level needed to demonstrate when they apply for settlement is set to be changed to B1

Working with local organisations to try curb abuse of vulnerable people forced into sham marriages

Reviewing the appeal process for family visitor visas

For more detailed info you can click here

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