Wednesday, 15 June 2011

UK Tier 4 Student Update-More Changes from 4 July 2011

There were more changes to the Tier 4 UK Student Visa system announced today, these changes will come into affect from 4 July 2011.

The changes to the Student Visas are as follows:

-require that sponsors/education institutions will need to vouch that a new study course follows academic/logical/authentic progression

-extended list of study courses where students need to receive ATAS clearance

-work restrictions to allow students undertaking a course at postgraduate (higher education institutions) and publicly funded education institutions ONLY

-new maintenance requirement to ensure that study and living expenses funds (maintenance) are genuinely available to the student, by using a new declaration on visa application form

-the UKBA will publish a list of financial institutions that do not, on the basis of their experience, confirm financial evidence well enough

-UKBA will explain the situation of overseas universities and colleges with campuses inside the United Kingdom

-bring in a faster application process for certain low risk nationalities wishing to study at Highly Trusted Institutions

-new restriction on dependents being allowed into the UK, only those students studying at Postgraduate Level on courses lasting 6 months or more, and for govt sponsored students courses with a duration of at least 6 months

-new restriction on ability to offer accountancy courses that are accredited by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants to those who have platinum or gold status by ACCA.

These changes are once again making it harder for certain types of students wishing to study in the UK, we have noticed that a number of applicants we have spoken with have chosen to study in either Australia, Canada or the USA as the constant rule changes and tightening of the procedures have made their experience with the UK difficult and tedious.

Truth is that genuine students who are studying at reputable UK Tier 4 Sponsors will not have too much difficulty in obtaining their Visa's. As always I suggest using an immigration specialist or lawyer to verify that all your application is correct. The main area to be careful and thorough in understanding is the maintenance requirements/rules, this is an area where many applicants fail to provide satisfactory evidence.

With my Tier 4 Student clients I ensure to request that I see a copy of their financial evidence long before we submit to give enough time to make any changes or request further evidence.

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