Monday, 27 June 2011

30 June Strike Planned UKBA will be affected

The UKBA has announced on their web site that there will be a 1 day strike starting the evening of the 29th June and ending midnight the following day 30 June 2011. This strike is set to affect the UKBA staff inside the UK. The UKBA has confirmed that there may be delays at border control posts across the UK as their focus remains securing the UK's borders and properly managing UK immigration control.

They cannot confirm how this strike will affect the different posts like airports, international rail stations and ports however they have listed some pretty basic info for people travelling into and out of the UK

I suggest that anyone booked to enter the UK for the first time with any kind of longer term visa or UK Tier 4 visa on that date prepare themselves well. I would keep a copy of all important application documents with you and obviously make sure that all the details on the visa inside the passport are 100% correct and there is no missing info or misspellings.

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