Monday, 30 November 2009

Tips for choosing an Immigration Consultant/Firm.

Due to the complex nature of Immigration Laws, it is vital that you choose the correct consultant/firm/lawyer to represent you when making any application to the United Kingdom Border Agency. There are many Immigration Agents listed on the Internet and virtually wherever you are in the world it is possible to locate them and assess their ability and legitimacy, finding the correct representation could be the difference between a successful application and the nightmare of being refused. each country issue visas for a variety of different purposes and it is important to know that your representative is capable of fulfilling their commitment ot obtaining the correct visa for you. There are visas for students, visitors and people looking for work in a variety of capacities.

Please take into account a common misunderstanding when it comes to immigration law, just because a lawyer claims to be a Immigration Lawyer does not mean that they have specialized or even practiced in Immigration law, there are a number of cases of qualified "lawyers" that are advertising as Immigration Law Specialists but in truth have never specialized or even practiced any immigration law at all. In some countries there are regulatory bodies that can verify any immigration office/company registration and it is always a good idea to confirm with the authorities that your chosen representative is dully qualified and more importantly has no adverse case history with them.

While choosing the representative it is important that you feel comfortable to speak and relay any concerns to the agent.You may choose to meet with a number of options first on the phone and generally you should get a good feel for what they are offering and assess their payment structures carefully. Always take the time to ask as many relevant questions as possible and always ask for successful previous clients contact details as a referral. It is important that you feel okay to ask any questions you may have and you need to feel totally at ease with your consultant/company.

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