Monday, 30 November 2009

Immigration Statistics Released

26 November 2009- Statistics from July till September 2009 have been released by the Home Office. The report covers asylum cases, forced removals of illegal immigrants and migration from Eastern Europe.

Findings show that asylum cases have dropped by about 24% in comparison with Q3 of 2008.
Outcomes on Asylum cases have been raised by about 38% compared to 2008 with the approval/grant rate falling to 12 %. The UKBA did meet their targets of 60% of cases decided within 6 months.

Eastern European applications to work in the UK have stabilized and figures released demonstrate that net migration fell to the lowest level since the eight accession countries joined the EU in 2004.

Another interesting finding is that 14% of those coming to the United Kingdom in 2008 were British Citizens returning to live in the UK, more than any other nationality.

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