Thursday, 1 September 2011

UK Migration on the Rise Despite Govt Efforts

Migration to the UK is reported to have risen by 21% even though the UK Govt has taken the most dramatic measures to reduce the numbers overall. The rise has been attributed to an increase in the numbers of migrants arriving in the UK from Poland and other EU Countries. Many UK Employers and Businesses have had to turn more to EU Migrants to fill the skills gap shortage in the UK left after the immigration changes made recently.

Also another interesting fact that was found was that fewer people had left the UK, which opens a question on why?

The financial crisis across Europe has seen a rise in employment in many EU states meaning that many more migrants from European countries will try and seek employment in the UK.

The UK Coalition Govt has openly admitted to making the changes to the immigration with a view to reducing numbers and this has clearly not happened. One could argue that the measures taken have allowed for a situation where the different European Communities living in the UK will keep rising and still hinder the keeping of the UK Culture.

A good example here is when a EU Migrants partner is entering the UK there is no requirements for English level check as with non EU States currently.

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