Monday, 26 September 2011

UK Labour Govt Immigration Secrets Made Public

Reports that were kept from the public, show that immigrants that came from Bulgaria and Romania to the UK had low education levels and were making more out of work/unemployment benefits, in fact the figures suggest that as much as 15% of migrants from Bulgaria and Romania were making out of work benefit claims.

The Labour party has been accused of withholding this information, which
is contained in 5 reports, due to the party attempting to avoid any damage beofre the general election last year.

There are reports that say that there are even more damaging figures in the report that suggest according to findings, immigrants from all countries around the world are less likely to find work than UK natives and may participate less in civic duties.

Until 2008 the UK had pretty muh an "open door" policy which resulted in record numbers of UK Visas, UK work permits and other permissions being approved

The Govt then introduced a points system with a view to curb the numbers of foreign people entering the UK, making it considerebly harder to obtain a skilled visa for the UK.

The UK Govt did make some promises to 'manage' the flow of EU migrants into the UK but in truth the systems in place do not fully deliver on any level.

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