Wednesday, 23 March 2011

UK Student Visa Changes Confirmed

Once again the UK Govt has announced major changes set to affect the Tier 4 Student Visa making it more difficult by toughening the entry criteria, limiting work entitlements and closing the Post Study Work Visa option are some of the steps mentioned.

It had been reported that many so called students were essentially abusing the immigration system and up to 26% of these students studying at private institutions could not be accounted for.

Other changes confirmed:

Students looking to study in the UK will have to possess a higher level of English (upper intermediate B2) instead of the current B1 level (lower intermediate)

The Govt is limiting the time a student can spend in the UK to 3 years at lower levels and 5 years at higher levels.

Dependents of Postgraduate Students at Universities and dependents of govt sponsored students will only be allowed to stay in the UK.

The Post Study Work Visa will be closed and only graduates with a firm job offer from a Tier 2 Sponsoring employer will be allowed to stay in the UK.

Only students at UK Universities and Govt Sponsored Colleges will retain their right to work in the UK and all other students studying at lower courses will loose their right to work while studying in the UK.

You can read more on the Tier 4 report from the UKBA here

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