Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Tougher UK Student Visa rules are coming.....

7 December 2010

As part of the UK Govt's efforts to reduce the numbers of immigration a new consultation on the entry requirements of Tier4 Student Visa route.

The UK Home Office recently reported that 41% of all students entering the UK through the Tier 4 Student category were studying at below degree level courses.

Some of the changes proposed by Damian Green are harder entry criteria, limitations on the work that Tier 4 Students can do and an end to students staying in the UK looking for work after their graduations.

These changes further indicate the level of the Govt's commitment to keeping their promise of reducing immigration numbers, recently we have seen the introduction of Highly Trusted Sponsors and the A and B sponsors list, which in my opinion did little to help.

Some of the proposals mentioned are:

reducing numbers of below degree level foreign students
introducing a more difficult English language requirement
imposing limitations to student's ability to work in the UK and bring dependents
confirming any student visa extensions are in line with academic progression

If you would like to read the written ministerial statement on TIER 4 STUDENT CLICK HERE

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