Monday, 17 January 2011

Tips: Submitting your UK Visa through an Agent

If you decide to use an independent travel agent, immigration consultant or Agent there are some general tips to ensure that you choose correctly:

Agents/consultants cannot guarantee that they will be able to get you a study or work visa.

No agent should guarantee that you will receive the visa without an interview or guarantee the outcome of your visa application.

If you do contact an agent and they make such claims be very careful and ensure that you receive everything in writing and check any contracts that they will have you sign before you sign it.

I have been working in the Immigration Industry since 2002 and have never made any guarantee of an outcome whether it be a Study/Work/Family or Visit Type Visa

The terms of service and fees associated with Immigration Consultants, Agents and Lawyers can obviously vary and it is extremely important for you to feel totally comfortable enough with your agent/lawyer/consultant to bring up any concerns before you enter into an agreement.

Always remember that the application for the Visa is YOUR application and the documents provided are your property, an agent may help you complete the necessary forms and guide you as to what documentation to submit with.

A large part of my duty as an Immigration Consultant is to inform potential visa applicants on their eligibility and the rules associated with the particular visa type.

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