Monday, 13 December 2010

UK Student Visitor For English Language Students

From the 10th January 2011 English Language Students who are to attend English Language Courses only in the UK will be able to apply for an extended student visitor for up to 11 Months.

The extended Student Visitor Visa will be only for applicants outside the UK and student wanting to study non-English language courses in the UK for longer than six months will still require a Tier 4 visa. Non-Visa Nationals who would under normal circumstances need a visa to study longer than six months NEED TO APPLY for the Extended Visa.

Other Visa Requirements and restrictions of the Extended Student Visitor will be the same as the Student Visitor already in place.

The Student Visitor does not allow:

Students to work in the UK
Take up employment in the UK
Bring any dependents in the UK
extend the visa or switch into another category

The fee for the new extended student visitor will be the same as the current fee for the Student Visitor.

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