Monday, 13 December 2010

English Language Requirement for visa applicants applying to join Partners in the United Kingdom Further explanation

From the 29th November 2010 any non-EU migrant who is looking to enter or remain in the United Kingdom as the partner/spouse/unmarried partner of a British Citizen or a person settled in the UK HAS to demonstrate that they can speak English by taking one of the approved English Language Tests

Any applicant will need to meet the requirement if:

You are a national of a country NOT INSIDE the EU and Switzerland
You are in a relationship with a British Citizen or person settled here
You intend on applying to enter or remain in the UK as a husband/wife/civil partner/proposed civil partner same sex partner, Fiance unmarried partner

Any application type of the above needs to be submitted with proof that they hold at least level A1 in English which is the same as the SKILLED WORKER (TIER2)

With the current rules applicants already have to satisfy various criteria when applying for the permission to enter the UK and have to demonstrate that the marriage is indeed genuine and that applicants can financially support themselves inside the UK.

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