Monday, 6 September 2010

UK Student Visa Crackdown

Damian Green, the UK's Immigration Minister, has announced that there will be a large change in the immigration system, specifically within the UK Student (Tier 4) system that will reduce tens of thousands from the number of foreign students intending to study in the United Kingdom.

It has also been reported that he intends to reduce the number of work permits and marriage visas issued to non-EU nationals by at least half. In a recent interview he has confirmed that in each category of visa there will be a reduction in the number of visas issued BUT the Student Visa route will be his main focus.

This comes as recent research demonstrates that less than half of the foreign students are currently undertaking degree level courses. These findings showed that the previous picture many had of the foreign student situation in the UK was incorrect. More than 90,000 of these students are attending smaller colleges offering GCSE"S or some type of vocational training.

Mr. Green further confirmed that a cap on the number of foreign students entering the UK is unlikely instead the general idea will be to make it harder for foreign students to be allowed in to the UK.

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