Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Highly Trusted Sponsor Scheme Explained

With the UK Tier 4 system there has been a requirement for education providers to make an application to register with the Govt in order to offer courses to foreign nationals. These education institutes then received either an A or B rating.

Now with the Highly Trusted Sponsor category comes a further classification on this sponsor rating system. This Highly Trusted Sponsor is designed for those institutions/sponsors that have the top level of compliance with the rules in place for sponsors and for those individuals/students with the highest level of compliance with the rules in place for students.

The main benefits of being or registering with a Highly Trusted Sponsor are that these sponsors will be allowed to offer Courses at NQF Level 3 and equivalent and courses below degree level with a work placement.

Highly Trusted Sponsors also receive top level account management which comprises an account manager service with annual visits, a specific dedicated email address and phone line.

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