Thursday, 13 May 2010

Birth Registration Process - What Documents You need to Provide

If you live abroad you may apply for consular birth registration at your nearest British Consulate or the Foreign Commonwealth Office if you live in the UK. The application should be sent to the UK Embassy or High Commission in the country your child was born and they will assess the child's claim to British Nationality. Once this has been proven the birth will be registered.

Documents to send:

  • child's overseas birth certificate
  • One Current British Passport
If one parent was born overseas you will still need to supply the overseas birth certificate or passport copy. All original documents must be sent plus two clear copies of each. It is possible to to use a certified copy of the passport but the bio data page MUST BE certified by a UK solicitor or notary public registered with the law society.

Unmarried Partner Process

If you are a British male and your child's mother is a foreigner you may ONLY apply for a consular birth registration of a child who was born on or after 1st July 2006. If you are an unmarried woman who has given birth abroad and you would want the father's details to be printed on the certificate- both you and the father will need to swear Statutory Paternity Declarations in front of a UK Solicitor/Commissioner of Oaths. This can be sworn in front of a consular officer if you are resident overseas


Registration costs £100.80 whether in London or overseas consulate and each certificate costs £64.80. You can pay by Postal Order or Bankers Draft.

Duration of Application

Inside the UK with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office most applications take about 20 days or 4 weeks to process.


If you are in one of the above countries then at present they are experiencing longer waiting times (Usually up to six months) for applications to be processed.

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