Saturday, 3 April 2010

Working/Living in the United Kingdom - short guide

There are many different options available to work and finding work in the United Kingdom.
Whether you are looking for short term as a temporary worker or a more permanent position many people choose to look at an employment agency for assistance. There are many employment agencies in the UK and each year they advertise about 4 million vacancies each year.

Submitting your CV to these recruitment agencies has a number of benefits:

  • You stand a good chance of finding work or valuable information on the job market before you arrive
  • If you are working full time then the agency can work on your behalf while you apply for other jobs
  • Specialist recruitment agents will be able to offer more relevant advice on their specific sector which will be invaluable

General Rules for Using Recruitment Agencies:

  • Supply a CV that is specific for the sector you are applying
  • Be upfront with the agency from the beginning so they know what to look for and what not to
  • Be in constant contact with the agent for progress report and any updates
  • DO not rely on one agency you may sign with as many you wish
Finding a job online:

There are a number of websites that people use when looking for a job online. You can sign up to receive regular emails about jobs or new job listings.

These are the most popular websites used:

Totaljobs, AlljobsUK, Reed, Agency Central,Guardian Jobs, Jobfit and Monster

Besides for these site you could also use local newspapers and recuitment agencies in your chosen area.

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