Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Tier 2 Changes give British Workers Better Chance to apply for Jobs

24 November 2009- The UK resident labour test of the Tier 2 (Sponsored Skilled Work) will be extended to four weeks for all jobs. The reason is to support British Workers searching for jobs during the current economic circumstances. This is another clear example of how the UKBA and UK in general is trying to minimize immigration numbers to the UK.

These changes will apply to all jobs that commence on or after 14 December 2009, any advertising already undertaken will not need to re advertise.

The four weeks will not need to run continuously, employers will be able to advertise skilled jobs for shorter durations initially, this will allow resident workers a chance to first apply and where there are no resident workers the labor test should be tested for a further 2 weeks. This makes the entire process up to four weeks before a UK employer can employ a migrant worker.

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