Thursday, 26 November 2009

Fingerprint checks at the border introduced

From the 30 November 2009 the UKBA will commence fingerprint checks at the border for travelers with Biometric Visas. When arriving in the UK people with biometric visas will have the fingerprints scanned at border control. The passenger's right hand thumb and first finger will usually be scanned and checked against the scans given in visa application process.

The reason for this process is to verify that the person entering the UK is the same person who applied for the Visa.


  1. dear sir , i have a nominal traffic offense in singapore and i want to apply for uk student visa but i will hide the fact tht i was involved in traffic offense in singapore. But UK officers are taking fingerprint for visa so can they find out any about my previous stay insingapore and tht crime histtory through finger prints?

    i m very confused

  2. hey raj,

    I always recommend to tell the truth, you have to be honest when it comes to visa applications. Especially for any criminal convictions but as you have mentioned yourself it was a "nominal" accident. Do not be scared it will be OK.


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