Tuesday, 23 August 2011

UK Visa and Immigration News Update

Recently we have noticed that there has been a rise in the amount of UK immigration scams that the UKBA have picked up on. Just today we picked up on two different stories about different abuses of the immigration system. The one story which we found alarming is the story about an immigration law firm boss being jailed for a massive immigration scam. The report explained that this UK Immigration Lawyer was giving his clients false documents like fake education certificates, payslips and letters.

We have written many previous posts on how important it is to select the correct UK immigration lawyer or company. It is extremely disturbing to me that this kind of thing goes on, even though we are all aware of immigration abuses, but when you find a lawyer willing to abuse the system it makes it somehow feel even worse.

I am not a lawyer and have been doing UK visas and Immigration for 8 years and would never attempt to deceive the UK authorities or my clients.

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