Tuesday, 9 August 2011

London Riots

Over the past 3 days there has been terrible rioting and looting across the UK. This violence has spread to Liverpool, Birmingham,Bristol and Nottingham. The initial spark that set off this catastrophic series of events was when a peaceful protest in Tottenham turned bad when police shot a man dead.

There have been apparently over 400 arrests and about 70 people so far have been charged with varying offences. UK Police forces have been stretched to their limits and it seems as if even the army have been considered for helping with the trying to control this violence.

The current financial situation globally together with an overall bleak general outlook makes it hard for anyone to see positive in life. The issue is that mindless violence like this does not help in any way. You only have to look at the scenes filmed over the past 3 days and you can see the destruction and mayhem caused.

Not only are these riots and looting extremely destructive but they are going to cost large sums of money to repair.

This is certainly not the brightest time for the UK and with the Olympics coming up this should surely draw more attention to security issues too.

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