Sunday, 3 April 2011

UK Legal Adviser found guilty of Immigration Fraud

The UKBA has reported a story I thought I would share with my readers:

An immigration adviser based in Uxbridge has been found guilty of breaching immigration laws, and helping submit fraudulent UK Visa Applications and has received a 6 year prison sentence.

The Indian national was found to have created false documents and employment histories for clients that were applying for extensions to their current UK visas. It was even reported that the guilty adviser had arranged for regular payments to be made into his clients accounts to make it seem as if they were receiving high salaries and were in Highly Skilled Employment.

In this industry it is all too easy for legitimate visa applicants to be taken advantage of and mislead, in this case it seems though as if the Visa applicants themselves would have to had agreed to the adviser's underhand and illegal practices.

Often for immigration purposes it is required for applicant's to have reference letters, employment confirmations and various other official forms of supporting evidence ready for their visa approval or extension applications.

In this instance it is clear that much of the adviser's practices were illegal and in fact in the cases where the clients agreed to knowing what the adviser was doing- these people also now face sentences of 6-10 months in prison and thereafter deportation.

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