Monday, 7 March 2011

Higher Skills Levels for UK Shortage Occupation List

8 new job titles were recommended to be removed from the UK Shortage Occupation List by the Migration Advisory Committee.

MAC have already suggested that 71 occupations be removed from the qualifying list for Tier 2 . These steps are set to comply with the Govt's aim of raising the level required to NQF 4 and above.

MAC has suggested removing more job titles including skilled meat trimmers, skilled meat boners, high integrity pipe welders and senior care workers HOWEVER care home managers and nurses working in care homes will not be affected as these jobs are already at NQF Level 4.

MAC also confirmed that fewer number of chefs are skilled to NQF level 4 and above and made further recommendations that only those chef positions requiring a 5 year relevant experience period and a salary of 28,260 GBP annually.

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