Tuesday, 15 February 2011

UK Visas Guide: Visa Application Processing Times-Validity Period

Recently I was approached by a client who had experienced an issue with the commencing dates of his UK Visa.

When he initially applied at his post (outside the UK) he had requested that his Visa begin at a future date- a month after receiving his UK Visa Approval however the Visa Issuing Post ignored or never noticed his request which was clearly marked on the application form and in writing in his cover letter.

According to the UK Visa Guide to Processing Times it is possible to apply within 3 months of your intended travel date. The Visa Issuing Post can post-date visas by 3 months from the date that your UK Visa was decided.

I strongly suggest that if you require a UK visa and need it post dated for a future date that when you submit and drop off the application and supporting evidence that you make the Embassy Official make note of this and confirm that they will have no problem issuing it to you.

My client and I had to resubmit the passport with visa approval inside and the embassy had to send it off to the Visa issuing post for them to reprint the Visa with the correct validity period.

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