Sunday, 2 January 2011

Review from IPPR claims UK Immigration to rise in 2010/11

The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) has claimed in its Migration Review 2010-2011 that the UK Govt's plans on reducing the number of Net Migration is bound to be a failure.

The review has also reported that the UK Govt used deceptive tactics with regard to Student Visas. In the UK there has been a steadily growing number of International Students and the UK Govt plans to reduce the total number of Students too, however the consultation on Tier 4 UK STUDENT VISA is still underway and a reduction in Tier 4 Applications is highly unlikely in 2011.

With regard to the Immigration Cap on Skilled Migrants the report stated that the UK Public DO NOT perceive these Migrants as an Issue.

Taking into account the Financial Situation across Europe and the Irish Financial Collapse there is serious concern on the numbers of Migrants from these areas entering into the UK. One thing looks certain though the UK govt will come under fire from all sides with regard to the immigration policies and pledges they have made.

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