Thursday, 2 December 2010

UK Permit Free Employment Explained

With the announcement recent rule changes to the UK Immigration System meant to be implemented in April 2011, I have been receiving a large number of questions about PERMIT FREE EMPLOYMENT and the rules attached.

Permit free employment means work that does not require permission IE: Certificate of Sponsorship etc.

Some existing types of permit free employment are:

Sole Representative of an overseas company
Overseas newspaper representatives, news agencies and some broadcasting agencies

Dependents of any of the above types of Visas


Applicants must have been employed outside the UK as a member of an overseas company that has its base and conducts most of its business overseas.

The company cannot have another branch or subsidiary in the UK.

Must be considered a senior employee with full permission to make decisions without consulting the mother company

Must intend to be employed on a full time basis in the UK and not undertake any other employment with another company

Cannot hold a majority of the shares in the overseas company

Must be able to accommodate and support any family members without public funding

Must satisfy the English Language Requirement (Click here for more info on the English Language Requirement)


Applicants are able to bring their family members to the UK in any of the above categories

This includes Husbands, wives, civil partners, or eligible partner and of course any children under the age of 18

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