Wednesday, 17 November 2010

UK Tier 1 Limit

The United Kingdom Border Agency's limit for visa applications under Tier 1 of the points based system was introduced on 19 July 2010.

Recently there has been a rise in the queries about the limit and Tier 1 in General so I have included some useful points for anyone thinking about submitting a Tier 1 application.

-Each month there will/can be 600 Tier 1 Visas issued
-If the limit for the month is not reached in any month then the unused allocation will be rolled over to the next month
-The limit does not affect the method of submission
-Applications can be submitted even if the limit has been reached for that month
-If your application fits in line with the rules and the monthly limit has not been reached then your application will be issued in the normal way
-If your application fits in line with all the rules and the monthly limit has been reached then the application will be issued when the next limit allocation opens again
-If an application does not meet all the requirements then it will be processed in the normal way and returned even if the limit has been reached
-All applications will be dealt with in a first come first serve kind of basis, which means the authorities will process applications in the order that they are received
-The current limit does not apply to Tier 1 (General) in country applications, IE if you are inside the United Kingdom and also does not apply to any dependent applications of Tier 1 Holders

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