Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Non European Workers Annual Limit Set

The Home Secretary confirmed today the new measures that will be introduced to control the amount of foreign workers from outside the EU.

Besides limiting the number of foreign skilled workers that UK Businesses can employ in the country, the Home Office is making the intra company transfer route harder and limiting the Tier 1 of the points based system to entrepreneurs, investors and applicants with exceptional talent.

The UK Govt has committed to the following:

-Introducing the annual limit of 21,700 for applicants that are applying under the highly skilled and skilled route (20,700) Under Tier 2 (General) and 1,000 under the new exceptional talent route

-Raising the minimum salary amount to 40,000 GBP for those applicants under the Intra-Company Transfer

-Raising the minimum required education level of all those applying under the Tier 2 to at least Graduate Level

-New Tier 1 route for exceptionally talented applicants

It has been reported that according to findings done in the UK recently that about a third of applicants entering the UK through this route were in fact doing low-skilled work.

These new rules will come into affect in April 2011 and again we see a massive shift in the UK policy towards immigration and foreign workers.

It is also clear that once again the Student/Tier4 route which makes up the majority of migrant applications will also be assessed and most definitely changes will be made to the Tier 4 Policy and Procedures.

AS soon as there is more information on these limits and changes I will post so keep checking back or contact me if need be.

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