Wednesday, 28 July 2010

UKBA inspection into Pakistan Visa Applications

Recently an inspection on Visa applications from Pakistan into the UK has shown major errors on the part of the UKBA. It has become apparent that many cases that should have been refused were in fact granted approvals, the UKBA's chief inspector claimed that a lack of scrutiny was to blame these mistakes.

In some of these cases the relevant employment references contained conflicting information, spelling errors and many of the bank statements used displayed large, unexplained cash deposits.

The Independent Chief Inspector was reported to say that the visa section in this area lacked any strategic direction, management and clear communication.

I have some personal experience in dealing with a number of the embassies and visa sections in different locations across the globe and can confirm that the services provided to applicants often is really poor and leaves room for plenty of improvements.

One major reason for the service level being remarkably so low is the fact there are constantly changes being implemented to the rules and procedures and these changes and related information is not filtered to these offices properly.

When the points based system was introduced for example one of my contacts in one of the embassies was sent for training for 5 days only, and she admitted that this was not nearly sufficient enough training and further confirmed that the internal system at her disposal for finding out pertinent information was just as equally poor.

Another organization named world-bridge that works in conjunction with the UKBA and embassies was meant to provide support services to the embassies in dealing with specific public inquiries. I have attempted to use this service to find out specific details not found in the Immigration Rules,UKBA website or Visa Guidance notes and not even once have I received any response that actually addresses the specific question asked. They always send back a generic and general response that is not helpful in the slightest.

Now understandably it is not a simple task to provide a system for the public to get up to date visa information BUT some major improvements are urgently needed.

The best that any person applying for any UK visa is to personally find out as much of the information for the specific application required and to consider using a professional that has a track record with successful applications.

In my business the recommendations and referrals that I receive are extremely valuable, I place high importance on creating a comfortable and friendly atmosphere with each client, no matter if it's a High Level executive applying for a Tier 1 Visa or a young Student applying for their Tier 4 Visa.

On many occasions I have asked potential clients to contact my previous clients for a recommendation or an assessment on my service and level of commitment to each client.

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