Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Tier 4 Changes 13 July 2010 Further Explained

Arrangements For International Baccalaureate Students With Awards Issued On 5 July 2010

This week the UKBA announced some further changes to the Tier 4 Policy Guidance. The changes will affect any Tier 4 Student that has been accepted on a course of study in the UK on the basis of an International Bachelor award and has not yet been issued with a certificate.

In this case any Tier 4 Applicant should include a printout from the UCAS or International Baccalaureate Office online checking service that confirms their results. The Tier 4 Sponsor should also include confirmation that they have checked the Tier 4 Applicant's International Bachelor Award online in the CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies). If the Tier 4 sponsor does not confirm this information the UKBA will NOT approve the Tier 4 Application. Where a Tier 4 student has been offered a course place on the basis of their International Baccalaureate award and they have received their award certificate they should include this with their application.

All Tier 4 Students may apply using this allowance from 5 July 2010 until 29 October 2010.

Changes to the conditions placed on loan letters used as evidence of maintenance

The current Tier 4 Guidance states that For students applying from overseas, the loan funds must be available to the student before he/she travels to the United Kingdom... This has been replaced with before he/she travels to the United Kingdom, unless that loan will be an academic/student loan from his/her countries national government and the loan will be released to the student by his/her national government or via his/her Tier 4 sponsor on arrival in the UK.

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