Tuesday, 29 June 2010

UK Migration Cap Updated info

28 June 2010 It was confirmed today that the UK will be setting a new limit/cap on the numbers of foreign workers entering the UK.The idea is try and get migration numbers back to similar levels that were in the 1990's and this cap is one method that the New UK Govt intends to use to achieve this.

The Govt has asked the Migration Advisory Committee to assist in calculating what level the permanent level should be set at taking into account economic and social factors. These findings will then be used to set the changes in the way that non EU workers will enter and working the future in the United Kingdom.

From the 19th July 2010the temporary cap will be used to try and stop a rush of applications before the permanent cap is set in April 2011.

The temporary cap includes setting the cap of applications of Tier 1 Applications at current levels and increasing the number of points needed from 95 to 100 and also limiting the number of certificates of sponsorship that UK employers can issue under Tier 2 to 1,300.

Majority of the questions I received recently are from potential Tier 1 applicants requesting some further clarification on this cap and how it would affect their applications. Again I need to emphasize that if you are a potential candidate and you qualify at present, then I highly recommend submitting your application As Soon As Humanly Possible. I am not certain yet what they mean when they refer to current levels and how they intend to set the limits precisely BUT as soon as there is any other useful information on these limits or any other changes, I will as per usual post the facts and give my opinion.

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