Monday, 7 December 2009

UKBA responds to media on education providers

The UKBA replies to media reports that some educational providers may be stopped from enrolling foreign students.

This came after the MAC report on Tier 1 of the points based system. Tier 1 (post study work), allows migrants to to extend their stay and work inside the UK if they have completed a course of study in the country. The MAC report suggested that the UK Govt should re-assess whether some students enrolled in certain UK education providers' courses should still be allowed to remain in the UK on the post study work category, but the report did not suggest that these education providers or the students enrolled in these institutions were not legitamate.

Tier 4 of the UKBA points system puts responsibility on the Education Providers and ensures greater control of these educational institutions and the students enrolling in courses. The UKBA did confirm that any education provider on the list will still be able to register foreign students.

The UKBA will consider the MAC report on Tier 1 and should announce whether they will accept the changes in early 2010.


  1. Lets hope that these changes come into affect.

  2. hi. i sent my Tier 1(General)visa application form on 4th feb,2010 and still i didn't recieve my acknowledgement letter. I am so worried. Usually, it will take maximum of 5 days. I tracked the special delivery postal status, it says ' it's been delivered the following day itself'. Can anybody help me. I called to UKBA, but no proper response.

  3. I take it you submitted your application in the UK?
    If this is the case then the UKBA should be able to give you some indication on your application using the tracking number.
    Even though they say up to 5 days it may take them longer to process sometimes.
    Keep me posted please.


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