Sunday, 27 December 2009

UK Marriage Visa update

We have been involved in UK immigration matters for the past 6 years roughly, over the years we have witnessed the many changes and additions to the UK Visa laws.

I personally have submitted most application types that have been available over the past few years:

Work Permits
Sole Representative Visas
Marriage Visas
Dependent Visas
Student Visas

Recently I have witnessed a real tightening of the way the UKBA and entry clearance officers are looking at Visas and the supporting evidence required with each application.

Even though there are guidance notes for each application there are still various details/questions that the public often have a hard time confirming. Family based applications were excluded from the Points Based System but it is my opinion that these applications too have become far more of a challenge than previously.

Recently a UK Marriage Visa was submitted through the Visa processing office in Turkey, Istanbul and normally with the documentation that was provided an approval should been reached within 4-6 weeks BUT the approach the caseworker used when deciding on the case made it impossible for an approval and the application was sent back refused.

This was the first time I had ever seen a marriage visa application refusal and you can imagine the disappointment for the applicant and British Spouse.

One thing noticed that even though there should be Generic supporting evidence for each application the truth is that each application has to have a thorough and clear explanation that confirms each piece of evidence and what it is confirming or trying to demonstrate.

Do not expect the entry clearance officer to understand or make sense of just a whole bunch of is vital to either use a professional visa/immigration agent or to have a step by step explanation to avoid any issues or delays.

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